10 Best Ductless Range Hood with Charcoal Filter | 2022

Best Ductless Range Hood with Charcoal Filter
Best Ductless Range Hood with Charcoal Filter

Are you searching for Best Ductless Range Hood with Charcoal Filter from various brands but do not know where to begin? Range hoods are an essential element of any modern kitchen because they maintain the air quality at a certain level. They do this by sucking up most of the toxins released during cooking and directing them into an airway duct which vents out to the outside. 

Ductless range hoods are becoming a popular option when it comes to replacing your traditional range hood. Not only do they give you a little extra counter space, but they can be integrated into the rest of your kitchen. There are a lot of Ductless range hoods on the market, but we have picked out the best one below. 

Recommended Best Ductless Range Hood with Charcoal Filter:

Best OverallBest for the MoneyBest Cheap Pick
COSMO 24 in. Wall Mount Range HoodFIREGAS 30 inch Wall Mount Range HoodSNDOAS Range Hood 30 inches
4.3 out of 5 stars4.6 out of 5 stars4.4 out of 5 stars
Best Ductless Range Hood with Charcoal Filter

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1. Broan-NuTone Ductless Range Hood – Best Ductless Range Hoods Under Cabinet

Broan-NuTone Ductless Range Hood
Best Ductless Range Hoods Under Cabinet


Core Details:
Dimension17.5 x 6 x 30 ”
Weight10 Pounds
Model No.‎413004
Product Rank#1 in Range Hoods
Best Ductless Range Hood with Charcoal Filter
Detailed Description:

The Broan-NuTone Ductless Range Hood Insert can be used as an exhaust fan or overhead light for your stove. This stainless-steel unit can be placed under your cabinets to ensure that your kitchen has good airflow. The unit can be installed as a non-ducted rangehood and has a charcoal filter to effectively remove odors and smoke from your cooking space. 

The lens protects the cooktop from light and can accept a 75W bulb (not included). It has smooth surfaces that are easy to clean and quick-release filters that can be used in the dishwasher. The insert should be installed at least 18 inches above the cooktop. For safety and aesthetics, the sides and bottom are mitered. The motor is permanently lubricated and has a separate light and fan switch. This range hood is ADA-compliant and comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Get the BROAN Ductless Range Hood Insert & Light to enhance your home! 

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  • Best ventless kitchen hood.
  • Charcoal filter.
  • Effectively remove odors & smoke.
  • N/A.

2. COSMO 24 in. Wall Mount Range Hood – Ductless Range Hoods for Gas Stoves

COSMO 24 in. Wall Mount Range Hood
Ductless Range Hood for Gas Stoves


Core Details:
Dimension‎18.9 x 23.4 x 34.8 ”
Weight17.4 Pounds
Model No.COS-6324EWH
Product Rank#54 in Range Hoods
Best Ductless Range Hood with Charcoal Filter
Detailed Description:

COSMO 24 in. Wall Mount Range Hood will transform your kitchen. It is used to remove grease and oil from your kitchen. The ductless range hood vents outward and away from your house. Its compact design allows for easy installation in smaller spaces, while still providing efficient performance. Premium brushed stainless steel is designed to resist high heat, grease, and oil as well as steam. For a cleaner look, the wall-mount range hood includes a seamless chimney set to fit a variety of kitchen designs. 

Cosmo ARC-FLOW permanent filters are dishwasher safe and exceptionally durable. These range hood filters do not need to be replaced. Simply put them in the dishwasher for cost savings and easy maintenance. For added convenience and cost savings, permanent stainless-steel filters can be washed in the dishwasher. Easy-to-use push-button controls and high-lumen LED lights that are bright and powerful. Cosmo is the foundation of a better home. Cosmo range hood is designed for ducted use. You can convert the range hood to recirculating by purchasing the Carbon filter kit (CFK6) at the manufacturer. 

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  • Easily remove grease and oil.
  • Efficient performance.
  • Comes with the carbon filter kit.
  • N/A.

3. IKTCH 30-inch Wall Mount Range Hood – Best Ductless Wall Mount Range Hood

IKTCH 30-inch Wall Mount Range Hood
Best Ductless Wall Mount Range Hood


Core Details:
Dimension‎35 x 25 x 18 ”
Weight70 Pounds
Model No.IKP04-30
Product Rank#127 in Range Hoods
Best Ductless Range Hood with Charcoal Filter
Detailed Description:

IKTCH 30-inch Wall Mount Range Hood features 4 LED lights and stainless-steel filter baffles with handle. It looks more expensive. The IKTCH Wall Mount Range Hood, made of stainless steel, has a beautiful appearance, and is controlled via remote. You can customize your kitchen stove vent by using the 4-speed setting. This allows you to adjust the suction and noise levels. Gorgeous range hood made of high-quality stainless steel. It is thicker than other range hoods and sturdier. 

On the lowest setting, the noise level is 40 decibels and at 65 dB maximum. You will have a completely new experience with the novel gesture sensing function. Large airflow of up to 900 CFM combined with balanced fans removes cooking smells and smoke from your kitchen’s air. The filter includes two stainless steel permanent filters that can be easily removed and cleaned in the dishwasher. 

  • Best Ductless Wall Mount Range Hood.
  • Stainless-steel filter baffles.
  • 4 LED lights.
  • Novel gesture sensing function.
  • Slightly havier.

4. KOBE 30-inch Under Cabinet Range Hood – Quietest Ductless Range Hood

KOBE 30-inch Under Cabinet Range Hood
Quietest Ductless Range Hood


Core Details:
Dimension‎22 x 30 x 6 ”
Weight37.5 Pounds
Model No.‎CHX3830SQBD-3
Product Rank#328 in Range Hoods
Best recirculating vent hood
Detailed Description:

KOBE 30-inch Under Cabinet Range Hood is equipped with a 3-speed mechanical push button and dishwasher-safe baffle filters, charcoal filters, and LED lights. This recirculating hood is powerful with a 400 CFM internal blower and quiet at 1.2 sone using QuietMode. This range hood is made with 18-gauge stainless steel commercial grade and has a seamless design. 

Under-mounted range hoods are the easiest to install since the fan unit installs under the cabinets. The advantages of this type of range hood include: easier to clean, more efficient at pulling grease out of the air, and they are more energy efficient. The CHX series is a professional line of under cabinet range hoods with a satin finish. With both internal and external filter options, this hood is suitable for most kitchen areas and has a stylish design that blends in with traditional or contemporary design schemes. 

  • Quietest Ductless Range Hood.
  • 3-speed mechanical push button.
  • Contemporary design.
  • Seamless design.
  • N/A.

5. Winflo 30 inches Range Hood – Best Ductless Under Cabinet Range Hood

Winflo 30 inches Under Cabinet Range Hood
Best Under Cabinet Range Hood Ductless


Core Details:
Dimension‎29.7 x 18.2 x 6.0 ”
Weight31 Pounds
Model No.W111A1B30D
Product Rank#430 in Range Hoods
Under Cabinet Range Hood Ductless
Detailed Description:

The Winflo 30 inches Range Hood can be installed through a duct at home or recirculated (without duct) with a carbon filter (WRHF004S2, sold separately). A durable, easy-to-remove, dishwasher-safe stainless steel baffle filter. Two energy-saving soft white 2W LED lights illuminate the cooking area. Large touch sensor control panel for effortless operation and cleaning with 3-speed fan level, time display and delayed shutdown. Quiet operation keeps the noise level below 65db at high speeds. 

It has a black decorative panel-a large touch sensor control with three fan speeds, delayed shutdown, and time display. Includes single-person mounting hardware, optional rectangular ducts, power cord, and plugs. With two bright and soft white energy-saving LED lights, you can touch it safely when using it. 

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  • Best recirculating kitchen hood.
  • Recirculated range hood.
  • Decorative panel.
  • Energy efficient.
  • N/A.

6. AROAN 30 inch Wall Mount Range Hood – Best 30 inch Ductless Range Hood

AROAN 30 inch Wall Mount Range Hood
Best 30 inch Ductless Range Hood


Core Details:
Dimension‎29.3 x 19.7 x 35.4 ”
Weight40 Pounds
Model No.ANPA
Product Rank#118 in Range Hoods
Best Ductless Range Hood with Charcoal Filter
Detailed Description:

AROAN 30 inch Wall Mount Range Hood is designed for all your kitchen ventilation needs. This wall mount range hood measures 30 inches in diameter, making it ideal for large, commercial kitchens. Crafted from premium materials, this range hood fits seamlessly into any kitchen decor. This AROAN range hood features a sleek and lightweight design that blends with almost any kitchen architecture. It features a durable aluminum-steel construction and a stainless-steel front. It comes in a brushed aluminum finish to ensure extended durability. This wall mount range cover is designed with a clean-out door for easy cleaning. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty. 

A powerful ventilation system completely captures unpleasant odors and quickly removes them from a clean kitchen. The maximum noise level is only 65 db. Equipped with two 5-layer aluminum mesh filters, a safe and reusable dishwasher, it effectively traps grease from smoke. The knob less design and brushed 0.7mm thick stainless steel make everyday use easier and save time on daily maintenance. It can meet unique needs to illuminate cooking zones in an energy efficient way. It is easy on the eyes, has high visibility and matches the lighting in the kitchen. 

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  • Best 30 inch Ductless Range Hood.
  • Sleek and lightweight design.
  • Completely remove unpleasant odors.
  • Stainless-steel front.
  • N/A.

7. MCBON Range Hood Insert 30 Inch – Most Powerful Ductless Range Hood

MCBON Range Hood Insert 30 Inch
Most Powerful Ductless Range Hood


Core Details:
Dimension‎27.7 x 11.7 x 10.8 ”
Weight23.5 Pounds
Model No.TE77
Product Rank#32 in Range Hoods
Best Ductless Range Hood with Charcoal Filter
Detailed Description:

The MCBON Range Hood Insert 30 Inch has 700 CFM using a fully enclosed copper motor with strong suction, lasting power, long life, and more stable operation. At the touch of a button, direct suction and suction can be performed without the lamp turning black, making cooking more comfortable. 

This hood benefits from multi-directional noise reduction technology. It has a prominent level of strong suction as well as being quiet and comfortable to the human ear. The noise is as low as 35dB, so you can enjoy music while cooking. 

Made from 1.0mm thick food grade stainless steel, high quality manufactured MCBON cap inserts resist corrosion, discoloration, oil, dirt, and rust, easy to maintain and durable. With a newly upgraded new filter, all-in-one design, and snap-in design, it is easy to remove and clean. High quality carbon filters can be installed without tools. 

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  • Most Powerful Ductless Range Hood.
  • It has noise reduction technology.
  • Upgraded new charcoal filter.
  • N/A.

8. FIREGAS 30 inch Wall Mount Range Hood – Ductless Range Hood Wall Mount

FIREGAS 30 inch Wall Mount Range Hood
Ductless Range Hood Wall Mount


Core Details:
Dimension31.5 x 21.5 x 17 ”
Weight40 Pounds
Model No.FGS-USG43G75CC
Product Rank#71 in Range Hoods
Best Ductless Range Hood with Charcoal Filter
Detailed Description:

FIREGAS 30 inch Wall Mount Range Hood has a long-lasting durability. Wall mounted range hood with five layers of aluminum filter that traps grease and oil effectively Fresh air will clean your kitchen. The range hood is 30 inches in diameter and the perfect size to fit your kitchen. Protects your head against impact with the rounded corner vent hood. 

The Multi-layer filters trap more grease than the exhaust fan. It is easy to switch on or off. Vent hood made of stainless steel for kitchen stoves. It has a 450 CFM exhaust fan and 3 speeds. This effectively removes smoke and odors. At high speed, it is quieter than 63dB. 

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  • Ductless Range Hood Wall Mount.
  • Multi-layer filters.
  • Effectively removes smoke.
  • 3 speeds Fan.
  • N/A.

9. Island Range Hood 30 Inch – Best Recirculating Range Hoods

Island Range Hood 30 Inch
Best Recirculating Range Hoods


Core Details:
Dimension39 x 26.05 x 18 ”
Weight60 Pounds
Model No.YY0275A
Product Rank#75 in Range Hoods
Best Ductless Range Hood with Charcoal Filter
Detailed Description:

The Island Range Hood 30 Inch is designed to enhance the cooking experience at the island counter by providing excellent ventilation through the adjustable chimney, located in the middle of the kitchen. It features a 700CFM airflow, 3-speed fan, and a quiet motor. The 30-inch ducted vent Hood can ventilate your kitchen quickly at the lowest noise level. It can also keep noise levels below 65dB at high speeds, which will allow for a better cooking experience. Four LED lights in bright white to illuminate your kitchen area. 

The island-mounted range hood is made from 430 stainless steel with curve-tempered glass. It has great resistance to corrosion and rust. It can be used in busy kitchens for extended periods of time due to its black paint finish which prevents scratches and dents. You can easily maintain and save money by purchasing two 5-Layer aluminum grease filters. 

Range hood with a simple and classic push button. This range hood is made of brushed stainless steel and can be controlled by pushing a button. To suit different foods and cooking styles, you can choose between high, medium, and low suction. 

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  • Best Recirculating Range Hood.
  • Excellent curve-tempered glass.
  • Simple and classic push buttons.
  • Quiet motor.
  • N/A.

10. SNDOAS Range Hood 30 inches – Best Range Hood for Vaulted Ceiling

SNDOAS Range Hood 30 inches
Range Hood for Vaulted Ceiling


Core Details:
Dimension29.5 x 18.3 x 36.3 ”
Weight21 Pounds
Model No.‎GD1775BPA
Product Rank#30 in Range Hoods
Best Ductless Range Hood with Charcoal Filter
Detailed Description:

With a powerful 450 CFM airflow and 3-speed push-button controls (Low, Middle, and High), the noise of the SNDOAS Range Hood 30 inches is less than 55dB at its highest speed. The LED light can be individually turned on when the range hood is not activated. This gives you extra light for cooking. 30-inch range hood can fit most kitchen space. This black painted stainless steel stove vent cover comes with all hardware and instructions. 

This outlet is designed for houses that cannot be built. It can also adapt to recycling mode. High efficiency circulates the indoor air and draws smoke and odors from surrounding areas. This will keep your kitchen fresh. The 5-layer filters, along with a powerful motor, will keep your kitchen clean and fresh. 

The kitchen hood comes with a 6-inch round top vent and a 6.5-foot aluminum exhaust pipe. It can be vented outdoors. Optional carbon filter kit available for ductless operation. The elegant matte black stainless-steel body matches the black aluminum grease filters to highlight your kitchen. This elegant and powerful home appliance will keep your family healthy without causing any odors or smoke. 

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  • Range Hood for Vaulted Ceiling.
  • 3-speed push-button.
  • Keep your kitchen fresh.
  • High efficiency.
  • N/A.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Ductless Range Hood with Charcoal Filter?

Ductless range hoods come with a range of options from a range of styles and designs So, buyers have several important choices to make. Be sure to consider the kitchen layout size, design, and layout. 

Ductless System

Ducted and range hoods that are ductless might look the same but how they operate is vastly different. A ducted range hood pulls air from the kitchen, and circulates it through an exhaust system, much like a kitchen chimney. The hood is typically attached to the wall, with the pipe running straight up and down the roof and ceiling. The range hoods with open ducts as well as ones that conceal the hood’s ducts inside the kitchen cabinetry are also offered. 

Ductless range hoods might appear like a duct system, but they do not direct air from the kitchen. instead, they filter the air to eliminate odors and harmful particles. They then circulate the air to the kitchen. Filter systems differ and include, however, charcoal or carbon filters to eliminate odors, and the baffle or mesh filter for removing the grease and other particles. 

CFM and Suction 

It is measured as cubic feet for every minute (CFM). A CFM between 200 and 400 is sufficient for an average kitchen, but bigger kitchens and ranges could require up to 600 CFM. A more powerful CFM can also mean the hood will have greater suction capacity. 

Users can also alter the speed of the range hood. Three speeds are typical, but certain models offer more. The adjustable speeds offer control over the airflow and the level of noise. The suction power of the fan influences how well the hood eliminates particles of smoke and grease before they are released into the cooking area. The availability of different speed settings lets users alter the suction power according to what is required for the food they are cooking. 


Ductless range hoods come in a variety of sizes: 30 36 42, and 48 inches. The size of the range hood must be in line with the size of the area of the range. But, hoods as large as 6 inches larger than the range are offered to help eliminate odors. It is possible to not require a hood bigger than the range’s size if the hood has a higher CFM that can move more air than a less CFM model. 

Take note of the length of the range and then select a ductless Hood that is in line with those measurements. A range that is the correct dimension can fit the cooking area. When it is installed, the hood must be at least 28-36 inches above that cooking area. 

Noise Level 

The level of noise that is expressed by decibels (dB) can either determine the quality of the performance of a range hood made ductless. A model that is too loud could sound like an aircraft flying off, but every model is likely to make a sound. Ductless range hoods must control humidity, which calls for an efficient motor to push the humidity out of the hood. 

Therefore, ductless range hoods are powered by powerful motors and come with noise reduction technology. The top kitchen exhaust fan can produce about 40 dB. Louder models can reach 60-65 DB. 


The ideal stove vent hood is one that can accommodate two kinds of filters: carbon charcoal as well as baffles/mesh. Certain ductless hoods come with both, while other hoods may include only a carbon charcoal filter. The words “carbon filter” or “charcoal filter” are the same type of filter. Carbon charcoal filters feature an enormous surface area within tiny spaces. In that area, carbon filters out tiny particles, like smoke, to eliminate the odors. 

Contrastingly, baffle filters, or mesh, remove big particles, like grease, fat, and other pollutants. They are made of stainless steel or aluminum. Some are dishwasher-safe and reusable some are recyclable while others are not. A lot of hoods come with both filter types: The baffle/mesh filter eliminates larger particles while the carbon filter is used to remove small odor-related particles. 

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Hood filters need regular maintenance. When the filter is filled the filter must be replaced or cleaned every couple of months. The frequency of cleaning and replacement is contingent on the amount of cooking you do and the type of cooking you do in your kitchen. As a rule, filtering should be cleaned every six months. 

Extra Features 

Lighting: Built-in lights illuminate the cooking area and make it easier to determine the progress of food items to ensure that it is not overcooked or undercooked. The LED lighting is the best energy efficient kind, but a lot of range hoods come with lighting that is either incandescent or fluorescent. 

Auto Shutoff Hoods equipped with automatic shutoff will turn off after a pre-programmed period. 

Sensors for heat: The sensors sense temperatures and adjust the speed of the fan in the hood in line with the temperature. 

Control panel: The control panels could contain digital or manual timing devices or clocks. Some models feature touchscreens to manage the fan and lights through a single control panel. Some models have just a single switch or two to control the speed of the fan and the lights. 

Installation and Mounting Height: Hoods that fit under cabinets are the easiest to put in. Wall-mounted models require a bit more effort and knowledge to connect the hood. The ones that connect to a duct system might require an installation by a professional. 

Each hood type requires 28 to 36 inches of space between the range’s surface and range hood, to ensure that it is not overheated and to provide enough suction for the fan to absorb the odors, grease, and air. 

Best Ductless Range Hood with Charcoal Filter


A range hood with ductless technology is an appliance in the kitchen that has seen a surge in popularity over the last decade. It has been popular since it is a fantastic option for small kitchens or apartment spaces where ducted range hoods are not practical. It is essential to locate the best ductless range hood equipped with a charcoal filter since it removes smell and grease from the air. 

We hope that you enjoyed our post on the top range hoods! We have covered the top range hoods that are suitable for different purposes and we hope that you find the ideal range hood to fit your home. We have a variety of range hoods to pick from, including the top microwave ventilation hoods as well as the top ductless range hoods. 


What Are Ductless Range Hoods? 

Instead of extracting air, ductless and non-ducted range hoods circulate air. Recirculation improves the air quality around the cooking area, by cleaning and distributing it. 

Like exhaust hoods Recirculating hoods utilize the power of a fan to trap the air and remove harmful contaminants. However, instead of taking the air to the outside and cleaning it, they purify it by going through degreasing filter and carbon filters made of charcoal, returning it back in the area. 

What Is the Purpose of a Ductless Range Hood? 

The function of the ductless range hood is to clean cooking fumes, smoke, and grease, but without the need for an external duct. 

Does a recirculating range hood useful? 

Recirculating range hoods also known as range hoods with ductless construction are an excellent alternative for kitchens with certain. If you do not have a ducting system, or have only a small space or have limited design options, these hoods could be a great option to purify the air. 

Can charcoal filters be efficient in range Hoods? 

Yes, charcoal filters, like the filters used found in air purifiers are extremely efficient in range hoods, because of their surface area of absorbent. tiny particles are absorbed onto the charcoal’s surface and then pushed out of the air that is breathable. 

Do range hoods made of ductless plug into? 

Yes, the ductless range hoods come with an electrical plug that provides electric power to the motor. The motor runs the fan as well as other electrical components like lighting or a control panel. Some are hard-wired, or provide the option of connected or wired. 

Do ductless range hoods worth the cost? 

In general, most cases, a ductless range hood is superior to a range hood. Ductless rangehoods can be mounted on the wall, on top of an island in your kitchen or in the custom-designed range hood. They are also a budget-friendly alternative for your kitchen because you do not have to pay a professional to put in the ductwork. 

What is the main difference in a ductless and a ducted range hood? 

A ducted range hood functions an equivalent to a mini kitchen chimney. It makes sure that smoke from the kitchen is released and can be emitted outdoors. It requires vents that are specially designed and pipes that are incorporated into your walls and ceilings and is more prevalent in commercial kitchens and hotels. They cleanse the kitchen air by eliminating the smell, moisture, and other harmful particles. They are equipped with charcoal and carbon filters. 

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