Top 10 Best Futons for Everyday Sleeping | 2022

Best Futons for Everyday Sleeping
Best Futons for Everyday Sleeping

Are you looking for the Best Futons for Everyday Sleeping then you are in the precisely right spot? Modern futons are great for people with small spaces and there are a variety of fashionable options to pick from.

Contrary to sleeper sofas that hide a small, foldable mattress under their cushion futons can be folded flat to create an affordable bed to accommodate visitors staying overnight. The best quality futon sofa bed is an ideal option for any home. It also lets you rest comfortably in the evening and relax in the daylight hours. Do not rush into buying the futon immediately.

Recommended Best Futons for Everyday Sleeping:

Best OverallBest for the MoneyBest Cheap Pick
Novogratz Brittany Armless FutonMopio Aaron Convertible Sofa Sleeper FutonFlamaker Convertible Futon Sofa Bed
4.0 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars4.0 out of 5 stars
Best Futons for Everyday Sleeping

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1. AlphaBaby Memory Foam Futon Sofa Bed – Best Futons for Sleeping

AlphaBaby Memory Foam Futon Sofa Bed 
Best Futon for Sleeping


Core Details:
Dimension72 x 42.5 x 16.5 ”
Product Rank#2 in Futon Sets
Best futons for everyday sleeping queen size
Detailed Description:

From the living room to the bedroom, the AlphaBaby Memory Foam Futon Sofa Bed is the perfect addition to any home. Sleek and modern, upholstered in a soft camel suede fabric, it features a split seat and back cushion, providing a comfortable place for you to relax or sleep. A winged armrest adds a unique touch to this futon sofa bed, allowing you to prop yourself up with ease. With a solid hardwood frame and metal legs, this futon sofa bed provides a sturdy foundation for your hobbies, overnight guests and more. Not only is this futon sofa bed easy to assemble, but it also folds flat for easy storage. 

The AlphaBaby Memory Foam Futon Sofa Bed can convert from a sofa sleeper to a bed quickly and easily, providing a space to rest and relax in any room of the house. The 100% polyester upholstery offers the classic Camel Suede look of the Alpha Baby Futon. The convenience of the insulating memory foam allows you to transform the futon sofa bed quickly and easily. Featuring a sturdy wood frame, metal legs and foldable winged armrest, and is available in a beautiful tan color. This futon sofa bed is a terrific addition to any house and would be a comfortable place to rest for you and your guests. 

  • Convert from a sofa sleeper to a bed quickly.
  • Terrific addition to room space.
  • Sturdy foundation
  • N/A.

2. Novogratz Brittany Armless Futon – Most Comfortable Futon for Sleeping

Novogratz Brittany Armless Futon
Most Comfortable Futon for Sleeping


Core Details:
Dimension30 x 68 x 31 ”
Weight 71 Pounds
Model No.2467009N
Product Rank#3 in Futon Sets
Best Futons for Everyday Sleeping
Detailed Description:

The Novogratz Brittany Armless Futon has a sleek, sturdy wooden frame that fits the edge of any living room, guest room and home office, giving you space to sit, lounge or sleep. Thanks to the adjustable backrest, it can be converted into a sofa, lounger, or bed, making it a suitable place for your guests to sleep if there is a shortage of extra beds. It comes with folding bed support legs at the back that can be zipped off when not in use.

With just one push of the backrest and with minimal effort, you can turn your sofa into a conservatory or a sofa bed for weekend guests. The folding support legs at the back provide extra support to the bed and can be zipped up and hidden when not in use. With seats made of polyester fiber and foam, you can wait for the tilt experience even without sitting. With polyester fiber and foam-filled seats, you can rely on the comfortable supportive construction to provide the perfect style backdrop, as well as the ever-trendy leatherette upholstery. 

  • Armless Futon and adjustable backrest.
  • Folding support legs.
  • Made with the 100% polyester fiber.
  • Expensive.

3. Mainstay Memory Foam Futon – Comfortable Sleeper Sofa for Small Spaces

Mainstay Memory Foam Futon
Comfortable Sleeper Sofa for Small Spaces


Core Details:
Dimension72 x 34 x 32 ”
Weight 86 Pounds
Product Rank#6 in Futon Sets
Best futons for everyday sleeping queen size
Detailed Description:

The Mainstay Memory Foam Futon is a convenient and versatile option for your home. This futon mattress is designed for an optimal sleeping experience that will keep your body rested, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Its padded microfiber cover adds a touch of color, while the thick memory foam adds a layer of support and comfort without being bulky. This futon mattress features a fold-down frame that allows you to use it as a bed or a comfortable seat with your favorite TV program.  

Easy to convert, this futon sleeper is a perfect solution for guests, college kids or members of your family who are on the move. This Mainstay memory foam futon features a sturdy metal frame and is easy to maneuver, so you can take the frame off and move it around the room as needed.

The futon features high-density foam padding that surrounds a sturdy and durable metal frame. It is great for the kids’ rooms or guest rooms. The futon features a high loft and foam seat. The foam is covered in a microsuede fabric that is durable and easy to clean. The micro suede cover is removable and machine washable. The futon can be folded out into a comfortable sleeper for additional sleeping space.

  • Comfortable Sleeper Sofa for Small Spaces.
  • Versatile option.
  • Comfortable seat.
  • Removable micro suede cover.
  • N/A.

4. Mopio Aaron Convertible Sofa Sleeper Futon – Best Sleeper Sofa for Everyday Use

Mopio Aaron Convertible Sofa Sleeper Futon
Best Sleeper Sofa for Everyday Use


Core Details:
Dimension33 x 77.5 x 28.3 ”
Weight 79 Pounds
Model No.MP-NS2102-OR
Product Rank#7 in Futon Sets
Best Futons for Everyday Sleeping
Detailed Description:

Lounge, relax, and lay down Sleep, or relax, the Mopio Aaron Convertible Sofa Sleeper Futon is the perfect choice for homes and offices. With its custom armrest, comfy seating, and ergonomically designed backrest This futon sofa is sure to make a great feature. The fact that you can have more guests around will not be a problem with Aaron. The large seating space and the easy conversion make it a double-duty sofa depending on the time you require it. Offering firm support, it’s a soft and comfortable mid-century modern sofa that is perfect for every occasion.

The legs with tapered edges allow providing extra durability. Being made from a combination of wood and plastic. This makes sure that the legs will last for an extended period of time. The extra legroom clearance makes it possible to clean easily without needing to move furniture around. It is the Aaron is the perfect blend of comfort and style without losing quality or cost. Every sofa is subject to rigorous quality control to ensure that it will stand up to the testing of time.

  • Best Sleeper Sofa for Everyday Use.
  • Offering firm support.
  • It has extra legroom clearance.
  • N/A.

5. Flamaker Convertible Futon Sofa Bed – Comfortable Sleeper Sofa Sectional

Flamaker Convertible Futon Sofa Bed
Comfortable Sleeper Sofa Sectional


Core Details:
Dimension66.1 x 37.8 x 8.1 ”
Weight 61 Pounds
Product Rank#12 in Futon Sets
Best futon to sleep on everyday
Detailed Description:

The Flamaker best futon bed couch can easily and quickly transform into a bed that sleeps guests in a matter of minutes with a fully reclined backrest as well as adjustable armrests. It is possible to be able to sleep while having a sofa. The sofa back has three gear positions to accommodate various needs. The middle armrest folds down and two cup holders let your family and friends drink a beverage while you relax. 

The best futon bed couch is constructed of modern, silky faux leather with large cushions and strong padding. This sofa is extremely comfortable and cool. You will enjoy a comfortable time with your family on our futon couch. Modern and contemporary, the silky faux leather, and the four chrome-metal legs make this couch extremely textured. The minimalist and elegant sofa is ideal for those who are a fan of home décor. The soft faux leather fabric will make cleaning much simpler. If you accidentally spilt juice on your sofa, simply clean it off. The best futon bed couch will dry in a flash, leaving no trace marks. 

  • Comfortable sleeper sofa sectional.
  • Best futon to sleep on everyday.
  • Best quality sectional sofa.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • N/A.

6. Best Choice Products Convertible Futon Sofa – Best Futon Sleeper Sofa

Best Choice Products Convertible Futon Sofa
Best Futon Sleeper Sofa


Core Details:
ManufacturerBest Choice Products
Dimension75.5 x 36 x 33 ”
Weight 100 Pounds
Product Rank#13 in Futon Sets
Best Futons for Everyday Sleeping
Detailed Description:

The essential for lounging can be able to accommodate two positions simultaneously with one side able to recline and flatten while the other is elevated. The Best Choice Products Convertible Futon Sofa comes with a 550-pound capacity to provide a strong futon sofa with plenty of space for 3 persons to relax with each other. It does not matter if it is just your family or the whole home, BCP creates items that are suitable for every family. 

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The attractive, tufted sofa with a plush filling and two included pillows creates an extremely comfortable sofa. It also easily transforms into a bed that is comfortable to sleep overnight guests. Made of a durable wood frame, and six sturdy legs made of metal, with 2 in the middle, to offer the best support when utilized as a bed or sofa. 

  • Comfortable futon for everyday sleeping.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Best futon sleeper sofa.
  • Durable and sturdy wood frame.
  • Attractive and tufted sofa.
  • N/A.

7. DHP Dillan Convertible Futon – Best Futons for Everyday Sleeping

DHP Dillan Convertible Futon
Comfortable futon sofa bed


Core Details:
Dimension‎69 x 30 x 29 ”
Weight 55 Pounds
Model No.2017419
Product Rank#26 in Futon Sets
Best Futons for Everyday Sleeping
Detailed Description:

The stylish DHP Dillan Convertible Futon is comfortable and has an upholstery made of microfiber that is decorated with fashionable horizontal stitching and legs that are tapered. The microfiber upholstery makes cleaning easy and quick. 

The back with multiple positions easily transforms the futon into a sofa for lounging or sitting on a comfortable bed. With its casual and comfortable style, The Dillan Futon offers a clean and tidy style that is suitable for various office and home areas. To create a stunning seating area, combine it with a Dillan Chaise Lounge (sold separately). You can set up the futon in a matter of minutes. Everything you require is in the box. 

The mid-century modern piece is covered in soft microfiber. Tapered legs to create a more relaxed style. A sturdy wood frame and a traditional profile. It easily converts from a seater to a sleeper and lounger. Ideal for living rooms as well as your home office and guest bedrooms. 

  • Lightweight Convertible Futon.
  • Multi-position backrest.
  • Clean and tidy style.
  • Comfortable futon sofa bed.
  • N/A.

8. Nirvana Futons Stanford Futon Set – Best Quality Sleeper Sofa Mattress

Nirvana Futons Stanford Futon Set
Best Quality Sleeper Sofa Mattress


Core Details:
Dimension‎80 x 32 x 33.5 ”
Weight Pounds
Product Rank#20 in Futon Sets
Best Queen Futons for Everyday Sleeping
Detailed Description:

Nirvana Futons Stanford Futon Set has immense value. All futon frames are made from solid spruce and poplar hardwood. The top is made from 1″ thick latex foam with a 3″ thick piece of foam beneath it. The futon mattress is made of 100% cotton. The futon is easy to assemble with the included step-by-step instructions. This futon frame is finished with a seat and back deck for extra style. The frame has three positions that make it super easy to convert between a futon chair, a recliner, or a full-sized futon bed.  

Nirvana is a company with a long history of success in the furniture industry, and they have won numerous awards and accolades based on their products’ high quality and durable construction. Their Stanford Collection luxury futon is a perfect example of this. The best rated futon sofa bed comes with a beautiful espresso wood frame and a matching solid wood seat and back.

  • Made with 100% solid hardwood.
  • Best rated futon sofa bed.
  • Offer additional storage space.
  • Solid Futon Frame is built to last.
  • Comfortable futon for everyday sleeping.
  • N/A.

9. Milliard Convertible Futon Sofa Bed – Futons for Everyday Sleeping

Milliard Convertible Futon Sofa Bed
Futons for Everyday Sleeping


Core Details:
Dimension28 x 73 x 31 ”
Weight 52 Pounds
Product Rank#57 in Futon Sets
Best sleeper sofa with memory foam
Detailed Description:

The Milliard best futon couch for sleeping is an elegant sofa to put in your family or den room. It can be reclined whenever you are looking to snuggle to a book or watch your favorite film. If you are hosting guests just lay it flat and you will have a comfortable bed for the evening. With its wooden legs and squared-off design together with the exquisite velvet, this sofa-bed has a distinctive mid-century modern vibe. 

The assembly is simple thanks to clear instructions and the parts supplied. The best futon couch for sleeping is packaged in two boxes and is simple to put together if you follow the directions included. All the parts are located inside the pocket with zippers at the rear of the sofa. The futon is available in black, grey, and navy, it is easy to coordinate with the other elements of your décor. 

  • Best sleeper sofa with memory foam.
  • Can be reclined.
  • Ideal for sitting or sleeping.
  • Affordable and lightweight.
  • N/A.

10. Opoiar Convertible Futon Sofa Bed – Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofa

Opoiar Convertible Futon Sofa Bed
Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofa


Core Details:
Dimension71 x 33 x 31 ”
Weight 71 Pounds
Model No.By-267CH
Product Rank#58 in Sofas & Couches
Comfortable futon sleeper sofa
Detailed Description:

One sofa style may not meet the needs of everyone. Make use of it to watch TV, or transform it into a bed that you can sleep on Opoiar Convertible Futon Sofa Bed. Modern brown leather sofas are a wonderful way to furnish the space in a small area with a luxury feel. If you spill drinks, coffee tea, or any other stain on your sofa, you can remove the stain with just water or a paper towel. 

To create a comfortable and soft sofa by increasing the thickness of memory foam in the sofa up to 3 inches. This implies that when we turn it into a bed there is no need for extra pillows or a bed topper to have a night of uninterrupted sleep.

The couch’s raw materials are certified by CertiPUR US without including any hazardous chemicals to ensure your and your family’s security. In comparison to the other sofas, the brown sofa is thicker than memory foam, from 2.5 inches up to three inches. This signifies that the brown sofa is an extra softness and comfort. and in addition, the sofa is covered in high-end faux leather. The legs are chrome-plated and have six legs 

  • Comfortable futon sleeper sofa.
  • The quality is certified by CertiPUR US.
  • Great softness and comfort.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • N/A.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Queen Futons for Everyday Sleeping

With such a wide array of futons to choose from it is difficult to decide what to search for. Once you have decided which design, you would like to have it is important to think about the size, material, and frame that will meet your requirements, as well as ease of use and the accessories. 


The quality of a sofa is contingent on the cushioning mattress design. Memory foam and models that have pocket coils, and springs encased to stop movement, usually are more comfortable particularly when you choose the option of a foam topper. Cotton and foam variants are quite comfortable and tend to keep their form. 

Choose mattresses that are 6 to 8 inches in thickness and more if it is designed to hold two adults. For sofa, versions ensure that there is plenty of cushioning, best filled with springs and foam to provide a comfortable sleeping mattress when folded down. 


Futons can be found in many sizes, and include mattresses that come in full-, twin- and queen-sized models. It is possible, but it is not easy to find queen-sized models also. When deciding on the size, keep in mind that a futon that folds in two will require more wall space, and smaller floor space, whereas trifold options, will accomplish the reverse. 

The sofa-style models that fold down without mattresses typically have the same size as standard beds that are open. If you are deciding on which model will best suit your needs think about the space on your wall and carefully measure the space and ensure that you leave enough room for the futon to expand fully. Consider how many guests over the course of the night you will have and whether you will require a queen size or double for two people as well as if the twin could suffice. 


Futon frames are available as a set or with mattresses. The most used frame for futons is solid wood which is the most durable. dried and kiln-fired wood. This process removes water, making the wood more durable and less prone to crack. This is also true for sofa-style futons. Although it is not visible, a kiln-dried wooden frame is the most suitable option in this regard also. Metal frames also are available as a stand-alone item or in conjunction with wood however, they are less durable than wood alternatives. 


If you are looking for traditional futons, be sure you set aside a part of your budget for a mattress cover because it could be as expensive as other elements. Like sofa upholstery, the options are diverse in terms of price and quality. If you plan to use your futon frequently to sit ensure you choose an enduring fabric such as a blend of polyester. The benefit of having an additional cover is that you can remove it and dry clean or wash it in case it becomes stained. Other options include pillows, grip pads for the handles as well as cupholders. 

Ease of Use 

If you have been a user of a futon, then you are aware that they are not made in the same way when it comes to assembly and user-friendliness. Bifold options are usually opened by pulling the handle or bar underneath the seat. Certain versions may require unlocking or unlatching the handle prior to taking the seat out. If you are using a futon for a loved one the third part is hidden under the seat.

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For single-piece sofas or sofa-style designs, you will typically lower and click each side individually. Some models include a split back design, which allows each person to lower their back for the perfect lounging angle. 

Best Futon for Everyday Sleeping


A sizable portion of the most comfortable futon couch bed is often short of the space it needs. Therefore, before purchasing the Best Futons for Everyday Sleeping it is crucial to make sure that your space is adequate for the sofa you select. In our review, we have compared each size of the futon in order that you are able to clearly be aware of the size of each futon according to the room. There is no need to worry about little room futons, given that there is a wide range of small and big futons we have gathered for our audit to make your preference more easily. 


Do you need a best quality futon sofa bed for everyday sleeping? 

If your sofa is primarily being used for an area for seating within your living space it is possible that its functionality as a bed is not as crucial. However, if you plan to be used it as the bedroom of a guest it is likely that you require a comfortable futon for sleeping in the everyday. Everyone has their own standards in terms of quality and comfort. Be sure to read our customer reviews and summaries prior to making your final decision. 

How can you make the futon more comfortable? 

Futons are easy to style and appreciate, simply put on some cushions and throws or a thick throw to make it cozier. We have an Ashbury sleeper that is super comfortable just as it is! However, I do always throw some accent pillows and throws to create daily styling with convenience in mind. 

What is your budget for a new futon? 

Due to the multitude of available features, futons vary in cost. The cheapest options usually cost about $200. The costliest futon could exceed $500. One thing to keep in mind is that prices usually correspond with the quality. If you are looking for a chic premium, high-end, and comfortable futon, you should expect a more expensive price. 

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