Top 10 Best Inverter Generator for Camping [Buying Guides 2022]

Best Inverter Generator for Camping
Best Inverter Generator for Camping

The Best Inverter Generator for Camping is the one that you have with you, so you are prepared for any crises that come your way. The last thing you would want is to be caught in the middle of nowhere without the power you need for your electronics. There are many distinct types of inverter generators on the market today. You need to know what you are looking for before you make your choice. Without it, you may not be able to enjoy your camping trip to the fullest. 

These Inverter Generators are a fantastic source of portable power. They are often sufficient for camping or tailgating. If you are looking to select one of these models for your power requirements on the go it is not easy to figure out the type of portable inverter generator you should pick. For your assistance in your search, we have examined the top portable inverter generators currently on the market. Below are our inverter generator reviews and some vital details you will need to choose the right inverter generator for your requirements. 

Recommended Best Inverter Generator for Camping:

Best OverallBest for the MoneyBest Cheap Pick
Champion Power Equipment 4500W GeneratorGenerac 3500 Watt Inverter GeneratorHudson Motors 4500W Inverter Generator
4.6 out of 5 stars4.6 out of 5 stars4.4 out of 5 stars
Best Inverter Generator for Camping

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Comparison Table for the Best Inverter Generator for Camping:

1. Champion Power Equipment 4500W Generator4.6BUY FROM AMAZON
2.Generac 3500 Watt Inverter Generator4.6BUY FROM AMAZON
3.Westinghouse iGen4500 Inverter Generator4.4BUY FROM AMAZON
4. WEN 4000W Inverter Generator4.6BUY FROM AMAZON
5. Pulsar Products 4500W Inverter Generator4.4BUY FROM AMAZON
6. Craftsman 3000i Inverter 50 St/CSA4.5BUY FROM AMAZON
7. GENMAX 3300W Inverter Generator4.3BUY FROM AMAZON
8. Honda EU1000i Inverter Generator4.4BUY FROM AMAZON
9. BILT HARD 4500W Inverter Generator4.6BUY FROM AMAZON
10. Hudson Motors 4500W Inverter Generator4.4BUY FROM AMAZON
Best Inverter Generator for Camping

1. Champion Power Equipment 4500W Generator – Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Champion Power Equipment 4500W Generator
Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator


Core Details:
ManufacturerChampion Power Equipment
Dimension23.2 x 17.7 x 20.1 ”
Wattage4500 Watts
Weight 97 Pounds
Model No200988
Product Rank#4 in Outdoor Generators
Best dual fuel inverter generator for RV
Detailed Description:

The Champion Power Equipment 4500W Generator features Dual Fuel allowing the 212cc engine to operate using propane or gasoline. Take advantage of the quiet 61dBA with as long as 14 hours of gasoline, or more than 21 hours when using the 20-lb propane tank. You can also enhance your power with the Parallel Kit. Champion Support and our nationwide network of service centers will guarantee the purchase with a 3-year warranty that is limited, and comes with a free lifetime assistance desk.

The additional Parallel Kit (sold separately) comes with an RV outlet of 50 amps that permits you to increase output by connecting two inverters. The non-flat tires and fold-down handle make transportation a breeze. This model is ideal for tailgating in RVs, tailgating or camping. It has 4500 starting Watts with 3500 running watts, the possibility of up to 14 hours of run time on gasoline. It also has 3150 running watts, and if 21 hours of propane. Monitor voltage, frequency, and operating hours in a snap as well as you can use the EZ Start Dial to simplify startup and Economy Mode track the power consumption in real-time.

  • Best dual fuel inverter generator for RV.
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency.
  • Intelligauge display.
  • Dual-Fuel & RV Ready Generator .
  • Expensive.

2. Generac 3500 Watt Inverter Generator – Best Inverter Generator for RV

Generac 3500 Watt Inverter Generator
Best Inverter Generator for RV


Core Details:
Dimension23.7 x 18 x 21.7 ”
Wattage3500 Watts
Weight 109 Pounds
Product Rank#26 in Outdoor Generators
Best Inverter Generator for Camping
Detailed Description:

The Generac 3500 Watt Inverter Generator can power you wherever you go, from tailgating to camping trips, to the worksite, and more. The robust, yet the light design is designed specifically for portability. The simple Power Dial integrates the start the stop, run, and start functions into a single dial, and has an Electric Start (battery available) ability, all easily placed for faster startup. Pick between two different motor speeds, according to your requirements of yours, to dramatically minimize noise and fuel consumption or for the best power response. Inverter generators use an alternator that is different from conventional generators to produce AC power.

Since it is an inverter generator, you will also receive clean power from it. The iQ3500 also features The Powerrush technology that provides the device that has 50% greater power to start your equipment. It is Generac 7127 iQ3500 has impressive features, including being 40 percent quieter than the closest rival – it is the Honda Inverter Generator portable. Its ultra-quiet operation can be achieved through an enclosure design which provides the best silent performance.

  • Best Inverter Generator for RV.
  • Compact design and a larger engine.
  • Long run time.
  • Automatic choke feature.
  • N/A.

3. Westinghouse iGen4500 Inverter Generator – Best Inverter Generator for Home Backup

Westinghouse iGen4500 Inverter Generator
Best Inverter Generator for Home Backup


Core Details:
ManufacturerWestinghouse Power Equipment
Dimension‎24.5 x 17.5 x 20 ”
Wattage4500 Watts
Weight 105 Pounds
Model NoIGen4500
Product Rank#24 in Outdoor Generators
Best Inverter Generator for Camping
Detailed Description:

The Westinghouse iGen4500 Inverter Generator is ideal for electronics with sensitive components like televisions, computers as well as mobile phones. They feature a reliable electronic start button which makes the process of starting and stopping the generator an easy task. The engine’s choke is operated completely automatically, making starting the generator as easy as a one-touch of one button. The remote start key fob lets you stop and start the generator from as far as 260 feet.  

It is also able to be started with the recoil method which provides a more reliable starting. The generator is equipped with an electric start button and a wireless remote start to facilitate starting. With just 3% less THD the iGen4500 is ideal to run sensitive electronics such as LCD/plasma television and tablets, laptops, or other mobile devices that require stable, clean power. 

It is powered by a quiet, efficient 224cc Westinghouse engine that has an auto-shutdown of low oil. The advanced active throttle system allows the engine to adjust its speed to generate only the amount of power needed to meet the workload being imposed on the generator. This results in an incredible efficiency in fuel consumption, that can last 18 hours of running time at 25% load on an empty tank of gas (fuel tank capacity is 3.4 gallons). Since the engine is not always running at maximum speed, noise from an operation could be as minimal as 52 decibels. 

  • Best Inverter Generator for Home Backup.
  • Fuel Efficient Inverter Generator.
  • Compatible for high performance.
  • Quiet Power Technology.
  • N/A.

4. WEN 4000W Inverter Generator – Best Portable Generator for Home Backup

WEN 4000W Inverter Generator
Best Portable Generator for Home Backup


Core Details:
Dimension19.8 x 13.8 x 18.9 ”
Wattage4000 Watts
Weight 66 Pounds
Model NoGN400i
Product Rank#46 in Outdoor Generators
Best Inverter Generator for Camping
Detailed Description:

The WEN 4000W Inverter Generator offers clean power, free of voltage drops and spikes to ensure safe use on phones, laptops, and other electronics that can be sensitive. The fully-packed panel comes with three-prong 120V NEMA 5-20R receptacles. Two five-volt USB ports, and a 120V RV-ready TT-30R connector. Increase fuel efficiency by activating Eco-mode. The 212cc OHV engine generates up to 4000 surge watts as well as 3500 rated watts. Created to reflect pure sine waves the generator reduces the total harmonic distortion to just 0.3 percent in the absence of load and below 1.2 percent when fully loaded and is safe to operate sensitive electronic devices. The super-efficient 1.85-gallon tank can provide more than 7 hours of run-time at half load time.  

This allows the generator’s motor to regulate the amount of fuel consumed as objects are unplugged and connected to the panel. This prevents the inefficient use of gasoline. Do you need more power? Connect two generators with the WEN Parallel Connection Kit (sold separately) to share the power among multiple units. Automatic shutdown for low-fuel and low-oil are combined with overload protection built-in and the indicator lights to guard your equipment and the generator from harm. Since it is a WEN product open frame inverter generator is with a warranty of two years as well as a nationwide team of experienced service technicians, as well as an efficient customer support line to ensure you are remembering WEN. 

5. Pulsar Products 4500W Inverter Generator – Portable Electric Generator for Camping

Pulsar Products 4500W Inverter Generator
Portable Electric Generator for Camping


Core Details:
Dimension27.5 x 21.0 x 23.5 ”
Wattage4500 Watts
Weight 108 Pounds
Model NoG450RN
Product Rank#93 in Outdoor Generators
Best Inverter Generator for Camping
Detailed Description:

The Pulsar Products 4500W Inverter Generator is a flexible and durable source of backup power for all occasions. The G450RN is also equipped with one Duplex 120V outlet one RV outlet with a 30-amp voltage of 120V and one 12-volt DC 8Amp outlet, and two integrated USB outlets with parallel sockets that provide pure electricity that is safe and secure for laptops, mobile devices and other electronics that can be harmed when camping or during an outage. 

With the ability to start your generator remotely from as far as an 80-foot distance, purchasing this Pulsar G450RN 4500-watt inverter generator will ensure that in the event of a blackout you do not have to head out during a storm to get your generator running. With only a single click on your remote, you will be able to turn on your emergency lights turned on and your home appliances up and running. The machine can be running for as long as 15 hours with a 50% load. It comes with 3700 running Watts and 4500 peak powers. It comes with a 3.4-gallon tank as well as the engine is 224cc. 

Its small size and sturdy frame, which is impact-resistant, as well as the non-flat wheels, make storing and moving this generator an easy task. A quiet inverter with parallel capabilities makes the G450RN an affordable and secure choice for the power source you need for your next trip.  

  • Portable Electric Generator for Camping.
  • Very long runtime.
  • Dedicated RV outlet.
  • Midsized Inverter Generators.
  • Loud at higher wattages.

6. Craftsman 3000i Inverter 50 St/CSA – Best Generator for Camping and Home

Craftsman 3000i Inverter 50 St/CSA
Best Generator for Camping and Home


Core Details:
Dimension22.2 x 13.3 x 18.4 ”
Wattage3000 Watts
Weight 24 Pounds
Model NoC0010030
Product Rank#71 in Outdoor Generators
Best Inverter Generator for Camping
Detailed Description:

The Craftsman 3000i Inverter Generator boosts power with 50% more starting ability than standard generators, allowing you to do more with smaller products. With a noticeably quiet and high-performance design, it is the ideal walking solution for outdoor activities. This design does not compromise on performance. This generator also has Echo mode which uses less fuel and is less noisy. Easy USB port for charging smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices.  

The quality of this machine is very decent with a perfect combination of hard and flexible plastic. Well, the front of the generator includes a control panel. However, there is a spark arrester with multiple vents on the back. The upper sections featured two cutaways, for easier access to the upper frets, while the lower sections featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. On the right is a manual starter, but on the right is a small box for essential maintenance.  

The machine comes with a powerful 80cc motor capable of producing 3,000 starting watts and 2,300 rated watts, so the unit can be increased in power for additional watts without overloading. Like all modern generators, this machine is environmentally friendly and keeps your device healthy with clean power. It also features low oil levels and overload protection to keep components safe. 

  • Best Generator for Camping and Home.
  • It has has USB port.
  • Overload protection.
  • N/A.

7. GENMAX 3300W Inverter Generator – Best Generator for Travel Trailer

GENMAX 3300W Inverter Generator
Best Generator for Travel Trailer


Core Details:
Dimension18.8 x 11.4 x 17.3 ”
Wattage3300 Watts
Weight 47 Pounds
Model NoGM3300i
Product Rank#27 in Outdoor Generators
Best Inverter Generator for Camping
Detailed Description:

The GENMAX 3300W Inverter Generator is specifically designed for outdoor celebrations. Not only does it provide reliable power, but also has a CO alarm function. Parallel capable of connecting two GM3300i inverter generators for double the power. 

The GENMAX 3300 Starter Watts Generator Inverter is powered by a 4stroke OHV gas engine. The engine’s inverter technology produces 3300 Starting Watts and 3000 running Watts of pure power. Connect the most sensitive electronic devices like lights, TVs and fans and other small power tools other things on your camping trip or other trips.  

The capacity of this generator is just 47lbs which is less than the traditional generator with a similar output. It is easy to put together it is easy to transport and store. The strong handle makes it simple to transport for long distances. It is pure electricity, with a sine wave with less than 3.3% THD. You can make use of the device to charge your phone, laptop tablet or any similar device. 

  • Best Generator for Travel Trailer.
  • Fuel Efficient.
  • Powerful generator.
  • High Durability.
  • N/A.

8. Honda EU1000i Inverter Generator – Best Inverter Generator for the Money

Honda EU1000i Inverter Generator
Best Inverter Generator for the Money


Core Details:
Dimension19.5 x 15.9 x 11 ”
Wattage1000 Watts
Weight 32.8 Pounds
Product Rank#679 in Outdoor Generators
Best Inverter Generator for Camping
Detailed Description:

The Honda EU1000i Inverter Generator is a very sturdy and small portable generator designed to withstand the rigors of working conditions. It is an easy and reliable machine, even if you must use it often for years. This generator can be used in parallel with other 1000-watt inverter generators to double the total power. It is highly recommended to connect to each other using a similar Honda, but it should work well with other small 1000-watt inverters that provide parallel functionality. 

This ultra-quiet generator operates at 53-59 dBA and is ideal for powering fans, televisions, lighting, small appliances, and power tools. Lightweight and compact, it features advanced inverter technology to provide stable power to your computer or laptop. If 1000 watts is not enough to meet your needs, you can buy another EU1000i and parallel cable to output 2000 watts. The generator is also fuel-efficient and can run on 1/2 gallon of gas for more than 8 hours. 

The Honda EU1000i uses a simple manual recoil mechanism to activate it. This is a reliable universal solution used in most generators but would be great if Honda decides to include an electric start option as well. Unfortunately, this is missing from both the EU1000i and its big brother EU2200i. As expected of this small-size generator, it is noticeably light and quite easy to transport. 

  • Best Inverter Generator for the Money.
  • Fuel efficient inverter generator.
  • Lightweight and reliable machine.
  • Expensive.

9. BILT HARD 4500W Inverter Generator – Best Portable Generator for Power Outage

BILT HARD 4500W Inverter Generator
Best Portable Generator for Power Outage


Core Details:
Manufacturer‎BILT HARD
Dimension‎23.2 x 19.6 x 18.1 ”
Wattage4500 Watts
Weight 105 Pounds
Model NoTL-QG-212
Product Rank#346 in Outdoor Generators
Best Inverter Generator for Camping
Detailed Description:

The BILT HARD 4500W Inverter Generator provide steady, clean power (<3 percent THD) perfect for electronics with sensitive components like televisions, computers, and mobile phones. They operate at a lower volume of 68 decibels and are not going to disturb your rest and entertainment, or even affect your neighbors. With a Cold start, an extended time of operation, as well as an easy-to-understand fuel gauge the durable 212cc BILT Hard engine can run for 14 hours while operating at 25 percent load if the 2.2-gallon tank of fuel, is fully filled. Fuel shutoff can extend the engine’s life by using all remaining carburetors fuel prior to closing. 

Inverter technology is advanced and this quiet generator generates a pure sine-wave power curve that is safe for use with sensitive electronic devices. In addition, the 120V rating output voltage will provide an energy source that is as secure as the power that you receive from your home outlets. The slim style of the BILT HARD Generator, as well as the 5 inches wheels that are built-in and collapsible handle, make it easy to store and transport. Its RV-powered 30A power outlet makes it suitable for RVs with travel trailers. It can power most RV devices. 

  • Best Portable Generator for Power Outage.
  • Quiet generator.
  • It has RV-powered 30A power outlet.
  • N/A.

10. Hudson Motors 4500W Inverter Generator – Best Generator for RV Air Conditioner

Hudson Motors 4500W Inverter Generator
Best Generator for RV Air Conditioner


Core Details:
Dimension‎22 x 17 x 20.1 ”
Wattage4500 Watts
Weight 99 Pounds
Model No‎HD4500iE
Product Rank#538 in Outdoor Generators
Best Inverter Generator for Camping
Detailed Description:

The Hudson Motors 4500W Inverter Generator is powerful enough to operate a variety of devices and has casters and a portable telescopic handle, making it ideal for portable use at home, camping, onsite, etc. Ideal as a domestic emergency backup power supply in the event of a power outage. 

The Hudson Motors 4500-watt inverter generator features excellent horsepower and advanced design that will enable you to enhance your life. Generator with electric start and fuel shut off and echo mode function, extended operation time provides green energy for power tools, mobile devices, RV camping and home backup power supply. The Eco Mode feature allows the engine to automatically adjust its fuel consumption to save fuel and extend engine life. This protects your investment by automatically shutting down the generator when you detect low oil levels. 

  • Best Generator for RV Air Conditioner.
  • Automatically shutting down.
  • Automatically adjust its fuel consumption.
  • N/A.

What are the things to look for in the Best Inverter Generator for Camping? 

To determine the most suitable inverter generator for your needs, we will begin by looking at the various aspects that you should consider prior to selecting a specific model. Since this is a matter of the power and electric current so it is crucial to have plenty of space and a secure environment for the generator to operate efficiently and without causing to be a victim of unintentional accidents. 

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Manufacturers classify inverter generators into small, medium, or small models. A compact inverter generator will provide power to a small household appliance like a toaster, while a compact model can operate two appliances at the same time. Medium inverter generators can be used for managing multiple appliances and many electronic loads. If you need more power, you will need a bigger motor. In this instance, it is advisable to have an entire house generator or a standby generator could be the best choice for you. 

Fuel Options 

Most portable generators run on gasoline which is the most frequently used fuel. When using generators to power emergency situations the fact that they are not used often raises certain issues to be considered. First, when massive, devastating storms occur and power outages last for days, the local gas stations might not be able to meet the demands and may have long lines. The other issue is the infrequent usage of backup generators that can sit for months to years without being used. 

The gas in the carburetor is slowly vaporized over time and creates gummy deposits. These could block fuel from passing through and can make it difficult to start or impossible to do without maintenance. It is possible to avoid this by shutting the valve that fuels, then letting the generator run until it stops and then using the remaining fuel within the carburetor. 

Dual-fuel generators can be powered by either gasoline or liquified petroleum gases (LPG) also known as propane. The switch between these fuels is easy and you will never be restricted to the availability of one kind of fuel. There is a greater benefit of propane, however, it is extremely robust when stored for a lengthy period. It does not get stale and will not clog up carburetors that have been sitting. Additionally, houses that utilize propane for different purposes might already have storage tanks with large capacity on their premises, avoiding the necessity of making frequent trips to fuel stations. 

Output power 

The overall size of the generator will directly affect the amount of power it produces. The larger the generator, the more power it will be capable of delivering and the range of power is small to medium with an output of greater than 2000 watts, enough to operate the RV AC and many other appliances simultaneously. Smaller models will provide 800 watts or less enough to run several smaller appliances at the same simultaneously. So, choose a model that is suitable for your size and requirements. 

Quiet operation 

While inverter generators are significantly quieter than traditional generators there are some differences between models. It is therefore essential to look up the generator’s noise ratings in your shopping list. Although it may not be the most crucial element, it is important to keep in your mind. In portable generators, it is measured by decibels. In the case of an inverter generator, anything higher than 60 decibels at half-load is greater than the norm. 


In some instances, you might be searching for an inverter generator which can be installed for a long time at a specific spot. But, regardless of whether you plan to install the inverter generator inside the vehicle, RV boat, car, or other forms of transportation it is essential to consider the overall weight and size of the generator into account. Thanks to advances in technology for electrical use the present generation of inverter generators are small and lightweight that they can be easily moved from one location to the next. 

Clean Energy 

A quick clarification of the word “clean” does not refer to the eco-friendly nature of inverter generators, in this instance. Although they release less harmful fumes than standard Generators that are portable, they operate on fossil fuels and therefore are not suitable for indoor usage. 

Safety for delicate electronics 

It is also crucial to ensure that your inverter generator’s safe for delicate electronic equipment. The most delicate equipment, such as TV sets, tablets mobile phones, and laptops, are not able to handle fluctuations very well. Therefore, adding an inverter will eliminate fluctuations, resulting in the pure sine output. 


Most people believe that warranty conditions of a product reflect the overall quality as well as the faith that producers are having in the product, we believe that this belief is based on fact. When you purchase an inverter generator make sure it has a solid warranty unless you can spare just a few hundred dollars to spend on an inverter generator after some time. 


Inverter generators tend to be portable. Some are more mobile than others. If you have the generator to be moved on your own with no assistance, make sure you examine the capacity of the generator, and whether it comes with something like wheels or handles for carrying. These elements can play a significant role in how mobile the generator can be. 

A generator that is more mobile, and less portable is usually. Because smaller generators usually have lesser power, it is possible that you might be forced to compromise some power if you are worried about the portability. 

Extra Features 

It is also an innovative idea to look for additional options like parallel-ready functions remote start, parallel-ready feature, and eco-mode prior to buying the inverter. The parallel mode permits the connection of two generators in order so that you can squeeze more power from the two. Although these features are extremely useful, you must be prepared to shell out more money for them. 

Best Inverter Generator for Camping


When you are deciding on the best inverter generator for you, there are many aspects to bear in your mind. The first is to think about the purposes you will use it for, be it camping trips or providing backup power in the event of an outage. Then, consider the amount of energy you will require. Then consider the weight and dimensions of the device. 

For most users, we suggest using the Champion Power Equipment 4500W Inverter Generator. The generator is powerful enough to meet most needs, such as lighting a light source for your portable during a camping trip. It is affordable and easy to carry. It comes with all the features you require and none you do not. 

If you are looking for something less expensive than this inverter generator WEN 4000W is a viable alternative. It is very silent and safe for electronic equipment that is sensitive. It generates a good amount of power, too enough for the camping or tailgating parties. 


What is an Inverter Generator? 

An inverter generator does not require a separate engine or generator. It combines the two components into one unit which makes it lighter and smaller. Inverters operate by using AC power and reducing it to DC power and rebuilding it to stable, controlled, and top-quality AC power. 

They have lower speed, are quieter and use the same amount of energy when running at either low or on high. Simply put, in the most basic terms inverters are like an ordinary generators, but with simple functionality that can provide exactly the amount of power you need to get from it at any moment rather than running at full speed constantly. 

Can an inverter generator run a refrigerator? 

Yes, many inverter generators on the market can operate refrigerators. A typical refrigerator in the home requires between 1500-3000 watts to get started and run efficiently. We recommend using an even more robust generator, and in this instance at least 3000 watts. This will give you an extra amount of energy and permit you to manage a variety of other items in addition to the refrigerator and freezer. 

Why are inverter generators so quiet? 

Inverter generators feature smaller engines, which produce less noise. Inverter technology can also automatically adjust the engine’s speed according to the current load, which means it is not running at the same speed. This helps reduce the amount of noise and the amount of fuel consumed. The closed design of generators with inverters also helps prevent the engine from shaking excessively and makes the entire system quieter. 

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