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Longest Range Electric Scooter
Longest Range Electric Scooter

It is easy to believe that all electric scooters are the same. But that is not true. There are some similarities in design. However, each model has its own specifications that will show you significant differences in top speed, range, charge time, maximum weight, and security features. We will be discussing this in the guide and sharing our Best Longest Range Electric Scooter.

It can be difficult to find the longest-range electric scooter. There are several things you need to consider, including weight limit and motor power. This guide will help you find the best electric scooters for heavy riders. The detailed buyer’s guide will help you answer any questions.

Recommended Best Longest Range Electric Scooter:

Best OverallBest for the MoneyBest Cheap Pick
Hiboy S2 MAX Electric ScooterJOYOR S Commuter Electric ScooterMICROGO New M5 Pro Electric Scooter
40.4 Miles Range53 Miles Range20 Miles Range
4.3 out of 5 stars4.0 out of 5 stars4.3 out of 5 stars
Longest Range Electric Scooter

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1. Hiboy S2 MAX Electric Kick Scooter

Hiboy S2 MAX Electric Kick Scooter
Long range electric scooter


Core Details:
Range40.4 Miles Range
Dimension44.1 x 18.9 x 48.2 ”
Weight 41 Pounds
Model S2 MAX
Product Rank#147 in Sport Scooters
Longest Range Electric Scooter
Detailed Description:

The S2 MAX electric scooter is capable of speeds up to 19 mph and can travel 40.4 miles on a single charge. It can also carry a maximum weight of 220 lbs. The electric scooter can climb up to 20% on a slope thanks to its 500W motor. The Hiboy S2 Max electric scooter is powered by a 48V 11.6AH battery. This allows for a maximum range of 40.4 miles on a single charge. 

To enhance safety, the S2 MAX electric scooter has a front-wheel drum brake and a rear-regenerative ebrake. To ensure maximum comfort on bumpy roads, both the front and rear wheels have 10-inch air-filled tires. The LED display is larger and more intuitive and shows information such as speed, battery life and riding mode. It also displays headlights and cruise control. Pair Hiboy electric scooters and your smartphone to unlock your scooter and receive firmware updates. 

  • Long range electric scooter.
  • Portable design.
  • 500W powerful motor.
  • Dual lights system.
  • N/A.

2. Gotrax Gmax Ultra Electric Scooter

Gotrax G4 Electric Scooter
Best long range electric scooter


Core Details:
Range45 Miles Range
Dimension‎45 x 18.5 x 49 ”
Weight 45 Pounds
Product Rank#261 in Sport Scooters
Longest Range Electric Scooter
Detailed Description:

The electric code lock is included with the Gotrax Gmax Ultra Electric Scooter. Double protection is provided by the following: An electric code lock locks the digital display so that no one can turn it on, and a cable lock locks the cable lock so that no one can take the device away without the password. Your scooter’s safety can be protected by double anti-theft. The Gotrax G4 electric scooter is powerful enough to move comfortably. It has a 350-Watt motor and a 6.7-inch-wide deck. The front fork is made from aluminum alloy forging process, which makes it exceptionally durable and strong. 

The Gotrax Gmax Ultra Electric Scooter has a clever folding mechanism that folds the front stem backwards. It connects to the rear mudguard and snaps onto it. This makes it portable, lightweight, and easy to store in your trunk. It is made using a forging process that is both durable and safe. Its multifunction LED control panel shows mileage, battery capacity and speed. The front LED light gives better visibility for riding at night. The taillights in red will flash when you brake. These features make riding safer and easier. 

  • Best long range electric scooter.
  • Electronic Code Lock.
  • Powerful Electric Scooter.
  • Multifunctional Display.
  • N/A.

3. PAPACO Electric Scooter for Adults

PAPACO Electric Scooter for Adults
Longest range ev scooter


Core Details:
Range31 Miles Range
Dimension‎47 x 9 x 8.8 ”
Weight 48.5 Pounds
Model ‎P00RD000095
Longest Range Electric Scooter
Detailed Description:

The PAPACO Electric Scooter for Adults is powerful and has a large battery capacity. It can travel up to 31 miles at 19mph and can carry a maximum weight of 330 pounds. The PAPACO upgraded electric scooter has a 20% higher hill grade capability which makes it an ideal commuting scooter. It features a large LED display that can display current speed, accumulated miles, and the remaining battery. You can also use it to control the cruise control, and there are 4 riding modes. You can also control the headlights and atmosphere lights according to your preferences. 

These can dampen road vibrations at high speeds. The unique high-elastic hydraulic suspension shock absorber ensures maximum comfort on bumpy surfaces and rough roads. Smart battery management monitors battery status and provides multiple protection mechanisms, including overheating, short circuits overcurrent, overcurrent, and overcharge protection. This unit can be extended to extend its service life and ensure safety. 

  • Large capacity battery.
  • Hill grade capability.
  • 10-inch tires.
  • N/A.

4. JOYOR S Commuter Electric Scooter

JOYOR S Commuter Electric Scooter
Fastest longest range electric scooter


Core Details:
Range53 Miles Range
Dimension48 x 24 x 48 ”
Weight 48.7 Pounds
Model S10-S
Product Rank#159 in Sport Scooters
Longest Range Electric Scooter
Detailed Description:

The JOYOR S10-S Commuter Electric Scooter has a dual powerful brushless 1000W motor. It can accelerate and climb faster and can reach speeds of 37 mph. The high capacity 60V 18 AH battery has a range of 54 miles under certain conditions and can carry a maximum weight of 265 lbs. It can be carried on public transport or stored in your car so you can get to wherever you need to go. The S10-S electric scooter is a great commuter vehicle to work, school or a short trip.

The S10-S electric scooter is equipped with a hydraulic brake system. This makes brakes more responsive and safer. Maximum rider comfort is guaranteed by the excellent front and back shock absorbers. The pedal has an anti-skid that improves safety when the scooter is driven at high speeds or off-road. The adult electric scooter can be fitted with larger 10″ pneumatic offroad tires. These deeper lines offer excellent anti-slip and anti-seismic performance.

Smart LCD meters are included with the electric scooter. They show speed, speed mode and battery life. The electric scooter can be ridden at night thanks to its LED taillights and headlights, as well as left and right indicator lights. For a safe and smart ride, the stoplight at the rear turns on automatically when you brake.

  • Fastest longest range electric scooter.
  • Hydraulic brake system.
  • Smart Electric Scooter.
  • N/A.

5. NIU Electric Scooter for Adults

NIU Electric Scooter for Adults
Electric scooter with longest battery life


Core Details:
Range31 Miles Range
Dimension‎20 x 9 x 42 ”
Model KQi3 Pro
Product Rank#27 in Sport Scooters
Longest Range Electric Scooter
Detailed Description:

The NIU KQi3 Pro Electric Scooter for Adults is rated at a 300W motor with 600W output. It can reach speeds up to 17.4 mph and has a 15% climbing capability. The patented NIU BMS monitors more battery functions than any other brand and a high-capacity, 365Wh lithium battery with regeneration braking allows you to travel up to 31 miles. KQi2 Pro’s electric scooter features the first industry-first upgraded drum brake.

The NIU App (via Bluetooth) and LED display make the KQi2 Pro smart. It allows you to lock and unlock your NIU electric scooter, view your riding statistics, and even adjust your speed and cruise control. You can look smart while riding your NIU kick scooter by matching it with your favorite kicks. All NIU electric scooters have been certified by UL. 

The 10-inch unstoppable tubeless tires have been improved to absorb shock. A dual braking system (front drum brake, rear electric brake) ensures safer and more stable stopping. The KQi2 Pro has a powerful Halo headlight, brake lights, and a mechanical bell for your safety on the road. 

  • Electric scooter with longest battery life.
  • Powerful 365Wh Lithium Battery.
  • IP54 Waterproof.
  • Hill grade climbing ability.
  • N/A.

6. Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter

Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter
Scooter with longest range


Core Details:
Range40.4 Miles Range
Dimension45.9 x 18.6 x 47.4 ”
Weight 44 Pounds
Model G30P
Product Rank#26 in Sport Scooters
Longest Range Electric Scooter
Detailed Description:

The Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter is powered by a powerful 350W motor. It can reach 18. 6 mph and travel up to 40. 4 miles, max load 220 lbs. Easy folding in one step. In just 3 seconds, the Segway Ninebot MAX electric scooter folds easily. It can be easily transported on public transport, stored in your car, and taken to any destination. 

Segway’s Ninebot KickScooter MAX is the strongest and most powerful electric scooter. Safety is assured by the anti-lock braking system. The front and rear shock absorbers are equipped with self-healing 10-inch pneumatic tires that provide maximum comfort on uneven surfaces and speed bumps. The LED display, Bluetooth, cruise control, and select riding modes are all available. You can also connect to your mobile phone via the app for additional security and firmware updates. Fast charging is possible with the built-in charger. 

7. INOKIM Quick-4 Electric Scooter

INOKIM Quick-4 Electric Scooter
Electric scooter with the longest range


Core Details:
Range37 Miles Range
Dimension‎44.5 x 22.4 x 47.2 ”
Weight Pounds
Model Quick4
Product Rank#647 in Sport Scooters
Longest Range Electric Scooter
Detailed Description:

For maximum comfort and soft riding, the Quick 4 has a dual suspension system. The INOKIM Quick-4 Electric Scooter is great for both city and off-road riding in rough terrain. It offers a smooth, soft, and less bumpy ride. There are three speeds available. You can zip around the city with the extra torque and conquer any steep hills off-road or in the city thanks to the powerful motor. 

The super high-capacity 51V 13Ah battery provides a maximum range of up to 37 miles and strong torque for all speeds, on one charge. The charging time is between 4-7 hours. It is suitable for long-term commutes and leisure rides. Depending on the rider’s riding habits, travel distances may vary. INOKIM Quick 4 folds in 5 seconds using a foot-press lever. It locks into place after being folded. The handlebars can also be folded quickly. 

INOKIM Quick 4 scooter front. The scooter will begin driving once the rider kicks it forward to a speed of between 1-2 mph. and the rear drum brake system provides additional control and a short stopping distance. The closed drum brake system prevents brakes from being damaged by external shocks, water, and dust. This improves reliability in all terrains and weather conditions. 

  • Electric scooter with the longest range.
  • Improving reliability.
  • Powerful 600W motor.
  • Maximum comfort.
  • N/A.

8. YADEA KS5 Pro Electric Scooter for Adults

YADEA KS5 Pro Electric Scooter for Adults
Longest distance electric scooter


Core Details:
Range37.2 Miles Range
Dimension‎46.6 x 19.0 x 49.2 ”
Weight 46 Pounds
Model KS5
Product Rank#26 in Stunt Scooters
Longest Range Electric Scooter
Detailed Description:

The YADEA KS5 Pro Electric Scooter for Adults is an electric scooter that is powerful and well-designed. It also has a smooth and effortless operation. The Yadea KS5 Pro has a top speed of 21.8 mph and can travel 37.2 miles in one trip if conditions are right. You just need to power up, get off the ground and go. You will enjoy effortless control thanks to the easy-to-read LED screen, smooth speed adjustment and an efficient braking system. 

The KS5pro is durable and elegant, with a robust design that will last. The electric scooter for adults features a 500W rear wheel motor, and a high-capacity battery (3VV/15.6AH). The kickstand is designed to support the scooter and allow you to enjoy the view from any angle. 

The Electric Combination Braking System consists of a front-wheel drum brake, a rear-wheel disc brake, and an electric brake. Dual mechanical hand brakes provide maximum safety while riding an electric scooter adult. An easy on/off switch controls the ultra-bright LED front headlights. Rear/brake light. Four-night reflectors provide 360deg coverage. 

  • Longest distance electric scooter.
  • Bright LED headlights.
  • Rear brake lights.
  • Safe-lock latches.
  • N/A.

9. Inmotion S1 Adults Electric Scooter

Inmotion S1 Adults Electric Scooter
Longest range scooter


Core Details:
Range Miles Range
Dimension47.2 x 22.2 x 9.7 ”
Weight 53 Pounds
Model Inmotion S1
Product Rank#321 in Sport Scooters
Longest Range Electric Scooter
Detailed Description:

Inmotion S1 Adults Electric Scooter has dual shock absorbers on both the front and rear wheels. A 675Wh lithium battery pack can provide up to 59 miles of range. You can enjoy comfortable riding and having fun without worrying about the battery drain. The 54V power system and powerful motor, which has a peak power of 1000W, make it easy to conquer 30% of hills. The scooter comes with two charging ports and an additional charge for fast charging. Heavy riders can charge the electric scooter to 80% in just 2.7 hours and 100% in 3.5 hours. 

The S1 kick scooter features 10-inch tubeless pneumatic tires in the front and back. This provides excellent grip on uneven terrains and allows for easy maintenance. The dual brake and bright dual LED headlights make night riding simple, and the automatically activated turn light stripes make it very visible to traffic. The scooter is IP55 and the battery pack inside IP67 is waterproof. You do not have to worry about light rains. 

  • Longest range scooter.
  • Spacious deck.
  • Aluminum frame structure.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • N/A.

10. MICROGO New M5 Pro Electric Kick Scooter

MICROGO New M5 Pro Electric Kick Scooter
Cheap long range electric scooter


Core Details:
Range18.5 Miles Range
Dimension42.9 x 16.7 x 43.7 ”
Weight 38 Pounds
Model M5 Pro
Product Rank#1605 in Sport Scooters
Cheap long range electric scooter
Detailed Description:

The scooter’s upgraded 350W brushless direct-current motor can boost its speed to 19 mph and carry a maximum load of 220 lbs. The scooter has a 36V/7.5ah battery that provides a maximum 18.5-mile range and long battery life. MICROGO scooters are built to last, ensuring a safe, reliable, and smooth riding experience. 

The MICROGO New M5 Pro Electric Kick Scooter has an LED display that displays the current speed, battery life, and headlight. You can switch functions by simply touching the screen at any moment. This scooter can be paired with your Smartphone APP to allow you to control it. It will simplify your journey. It is made with super-oversized rubber honeycomb tires MICROGO 8.5″, which are anti-explosion, wearable, reinforced, and provide good shock absorption. 

The M5 pro scooter is 38lbs in weight and folds easily for easy transport. This scooter is ideal for adults who travel frequently. It is the ideal commuter scooter. 

  • Best scooter for long distance.
  • Off-road Tires.
  • Dual brakes & Lights System.
  • Comfortable experience for you to use.
  • N/A.

Things You Should Keep in Mind Before Picking the Best Longest Range Electric Scooter

Built design

Choose a sleek, slim, elegant design for your scooter. It will not only look better, but it will make your e-scooter easier to transport and will be more comfortable. To prevent damage, you can also opt for a scooter that has a covered chain underneath the area.

Miles per charge

The battery life determines how many times an electric scooter will need to be charged. Consider the time it takes for your scooter to charge and whether the battery pack can be carried.


Consider both the scooter’s weight and the maximum weight it can transport when choosing an e-scooter. The scooter’s weight has an impact on its portability, which in turn sets a limit for riders. Consider how much you would commute, store, and travel with the scooter.

Motor power

Adult electric scooters should have a minimum of 250 watts of motor power. This is enough power for both flat and slightly hilly terrains. If you live in an area that has a lot of hills, you can choose from either a single or dual motor. A 500-watt motor would not be able to handle steep hills.


There are many types of braking systems available for electric scooters. There are four types of braking systems for electric scooters: disc brakes and drum brakes; as well as electric or regenerative brakes. Each has a different stopping power and response time. Disc brakes are the most reliable and efficient of all. Electric brakes require the least maintenance.


There are two types of tires for electric scooters: pneumatic and airless. Pneumatic tires are more maintenance-intensive than airless rubber tires. They also have anti-flat technology and provide a smooth ride. Pneumatic tires are more expensive but offer a lot of shock absorption.


If you plan to ride the scooter at night, lights are an important consideration. Safety can be affected by the quality, quantity, or placement of the lights. You should look for an e-scoter that has built-in lighting, or at the very least additional lighting. Both front and rear lights should be included on the scooter.

Longest Range Electric Scooter


You need to consider many factors, including your budget, your weight, and your ability to find the right model for you. We have included Longest Range Electric Scooters from different budget levels in this guide. All of them have a high-weight limit. This weight limit is important to keep in mind for your safety. You may have trouble with acceleration, especially in steep hills, if your choice is a low-power model. You will have to compromise on portability if the heavy-duty models are powerful. If you need something small to lift the stairs and carry the train along, it is worth looking for something smaller.


What amount should you spend?

Most adult electric scooters are priced at around $400. However, if you need more mileage, you will want to spend closer to $800. You will get longer-lasting batteries, better speeds, and better mileage if you spend more. If you plan to use your scooter only for a few hours each day, a mid-range or affordable unit might be a better choice.

Are helmets required for electric scooter riding?

Although electric scooters are easy to handle and control, it is important to keep your safety on the road. While helmets are not required to ride an e-scooter rental in the USA, we recommend them. Although electric scooters can be controlled easily, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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